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Apex Store Group Coronavirus CoViD-19 Announcement - Last Updated 28/06/20

Due to protective measures against coronavirus CoViD-19, we have limited our Customer Service staff and dispatch warehouse-staffing levels to protect our people and adhere to government advised distending recommendations.

Email replies, telephone response and additional customer service activities are currently very strained and may be slower than our usual service standards due to the pandemic affect to our normal operating procedures.  We kindly ask that you allow additional time for replies to reach you.  Our stated shipping times may also be longer and we again ask that you allow additional time for your order to dispatched and parcel delivery to reach you.

We sincerely apologise and thank you for your patience.  Your understanding is greatly appreciated whilst we deal with the challenges faced and changes required in business practices as we adapt to meet the CoViD-19 response requirements.

We assure you that every member of our organisation is doing their absolute very best during these crises and difficult time.

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