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The DRESSING TABLES UK Buyer's Expert Guide

Practical, functional and beautiful, our huge range of dressing tables will add the perfect finishing touch to any bedroom or room. We have a large range of dressing tables for you to choose from including white dressing table, mirrored dressing tables, children's dressing table and even a selection of dressing table stools, mirrors and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a place to get yourself ready for the day ahead or a home for all your cosmetics and jewellery, there’s a dressing table for you. Have a look at our handy guide to help you select the right style for you.

Dressing Tables UK

What Styles Are Available?

When selecting your ideal dressing table think carefully about where exactly it will go in your bedroom. Then take into account your interior design and whether it needs to match existing furniture or if you prefer to make a statement. Here at Dressing Tables UK our wonderful dressing tables can be built to fit any room. Here are the styles to choose from:

Corner Dressing Table

If you’re limited by space, you don’t have to compromise on style. A corner dressing table maximises floor space by making use of every inch by being neatly tucked
away. Browse our selection of corner dressing tables to find the one that’s perfect for you.

Small Dressing Table

If space is an issue we have a wide range of small dressing tables for you to choose from. Even for the smallest room we have a great selection of small dressing tables that are perfect for your space. Or maybe you are after a kids dressing table? If so we have a nice selection of kids dressing tables if you require a smaller dressing table set.

Large Dressing Table

If you’re looking for a statement dressing table to fill a large room, we have plenty of dressing tables that have multiple storage options including chests of drawers on each side of the unit.

Modern Dressing Table

Shop our wonderful range of modern dressing tables including mirrored dressing tables and glam dressing tables. These tables are perfect for that up-to-date look to complement the interior of your home.

French Dressing Table

We stock a wonderful range of ornate French dressing table sets that can a touch of luxury to your interior space. Every Woman deserves that sacred space do get ready for the day ahead and what better place to browse French dressing table sets then at Dressing Tables UK.

Childrens Dressing Table

Why not put together that inviting space that children can happily call their haven. What better way to do that then with one of childrens dressing table sets. Here at dressing tables UK we have a range of childrens dressing tables from different themes, colours and styles to hand crafted designs and patterns.

White Dressing Table

Without doubt the white dressing table is our most popular colour of dressing table here at dressing table UK. For this reason we have made sure to include many different styles and sizes of white dressing tables to guarantee you can find one to suit your exact requirements. Even if you require just the dressing table without any mirrors or stools then we have that too. Or maybe you want to customise your dressing table set, we also have the option to choose mirror, table and stool from different categories. Our simple and easy navigation will guide you through this with ease.

 Dressing Tables UK

What Finishes Can I Choose From?

Wood Veneer Finish

If you are after a traditional feel for your dressing table then you could choose from our selection of wood veneers, including oak, pine, walnut and ash.

Mirrored Finish

To give the illusion of more space and to create a focal point, opt for our mirrored finish dressing tables. These tables will certainly add a sparkle to your room and brighten up any interior.

Painted Finish

There is something luxurious and special about the look and feel of a dressing table in a painted finish. We have no shortage of different colours for you to choose from here at Dressing Tables UK, our colours range from cream and white to lime green and sky blue.

 Dressing Tables UK



Although most of our dressing tables include a mirror, you also have the option to mix and match your dressing table with another mirror of your choice. If your after a something more glitzy and glamorous than you need to check our range of Hollywood mirrors. The Hollywood mirror with its many bright bulbs and film star vibe will make you the envy of your friends.


Always pre-plan how much storage you’ll need – it’s always much easier to decide this before you begin to choose your dressing table. If you have extra stuff you may even need an extra chest of drawers. Most of our dressing tables have matching pieces as part of our range for this very reason.


To get the most out of your ‘me time’, you’ll need a comfortable stool or chair to sit on while sitting at your table. Most of our dressing table UK sets include a stool but you can mix and match if you wish. Ensure you check the height of your dressing table before buying a stool or chair so that you’re in a relaxed and comfortable position to complete your morning routine.

Dressing Tables UK


Try to look after your dressing table by taking as much care for your beauty sanctuary as you would sculpting your look.

For dressing tables with wood finishes, wipe with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Be careful not to scratch your table and, most crucially, avoid placing wet or hot items directly onto the dressing table.

Clean any liquid spills as soon as possible with an absorbent cloth  and don’t let the table come into contact with abrasive, alcohol, or solvent based cleaning agents.Cleaning Dressing Table

If you would like to view our huge selection of high quality dressing tables here at dressing tables UK then browse our selection by clicking here:


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